Webserver for Arctic Minecraft is up and running

The webserver for the smp/creative minecraftserver Arctic is up and running.

The server is a dual xeon server with 100 Mb networkinterface, hopefully I’ll get a faster server this autum.

The server is placed in a serverrum with highspeed internet so it should be able to run 24/7 except for mantainments.

The base is a Ubuntu 11.04 server running bukkit 953 with a number of plugins, more about that later, atm i only have 3 Gb ram in the machine so we see how many ppl we can be w/o lagging.

The server will at the begining run 2 words, one smp and one creative and I’ll use whielist (registration on the website) to allow login to the server. More info tomorrow when I’ll startup the server (need only to setup the autostart scripts) and start accepting new members.

I’ll shortly looking for admin/mods and ppl who want to build up the creative world.

/nimmis owner